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1) Withdrawn / Keeps to themselves:
2) Depressed:

3) Wanders

• Moving without purpose:
• Looks for former home:
• Actively tries to leave home
• Wanders during day:
• Wanders during evening/night:
Comments about wandering:

4) Sleep Disturbance

• Unable to sleep/agitated at night:
• Frequently sleeps during the day:
Comments about sleep:

5) Verbally Inappropriate

• Uses foul language:
• Sounds angry and threatening:
Comments about Verbally Inappropriate:

6) Disruptive Behaviors

• Yells:
• Demands Attention:
• Takes others possessions:
• Inappropriate Public Behavior (Disrobes/Urinates):
Comments about Disruptive Behaviors:

7) Combative Behaviors

• Throws objects:
• Strikes out, Kicks or Punches:
• Pinches, bites, spits, scratches, pulls hair:
Comments about Combative behaviors:

8) Resistant Behaviors 

• Refuses to wash:
• Refuses to eat:
• Refuses to drink:
• Refuses to care for self:
• Refuses to allow others to help:
• Refuses Medicines:
• Refuses to comply to safety advice:
Comments about Resistant Behaviors :

9) Communication

• Expresses needs, ideas, wants:
• Unwilling to communicate needs:
• Unable to communicate:
Comments about communication:

10) Eating patterns

• Eats full scheduled Meals / good appetite:
• Eats sometimes, but still maintains weight:
• Eats only when they want:
Comments about Eating:

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